Stress Management Workshops

Stress Management Workshops That Relax, Rebalance and Re-energize

When people are your most precious resource they deserve to be nurtured. That’s why I’ve created stress management workshops to address one of the most pressing health issues in the workplace today.

What Can Employees Expect?

My stress management workshops give participants (both employees and managers) essential tools and exercises for effectively dealing with stress at work and outside the workplace.

All sessions take a holistic approach by emphasizing a mind-body-spirit connection. They’re especially designed to calm and strengthen the mind.

All workplace wellness workshops are highly interactive so there’s plenty of information sharing and time for questions. And they’re always fun.

Maybe best of all, many workshop techniques and tips to manage stress can easily be practiced on their own once the basics are learned.

What Can Employers Expect?

Workshops are designed to fit your specific needs, too. They can vary in length from a one-hour lunch-and-learn to a half-day (3-hour) session.

Or perhaps you’re looking for stress management workshops that cover a range of topics over several days. I can do that, too. 

All workshops perfectly complement any employee health event, staff training day, or corporate wellness conference.

Stress Management Workshops Praise

Everyone enjoyed your stress management session last week. You really impacted them in a positive way! I am thrilled that you will be facilitating our next session.
J. Doran, Nike

We found Evelyn to be a friendly, thoroughly polished facilitator and consummate professional. You know during her commentaries that she speaks from experience and the heart. Her positive attitude is conveyed by a calm, warm, and engaging manner.
S. Hall, Ontario Pension Board

Evelyn’s presentation was fun, interactive and very professionally done. It was evident the group really enjoyed this as they opened up with questions, comments and feedback.
G. Buchanan, CIBC

Young woman smiles while floating on water for stress relief
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Learn How to De-stress with These 12 Essential Stress Management Workshops

Start now with holistic stress management workshops that relax, rebalance, and re-energize. Choose from any of the following:

1. Managing Stress: An Introduction

Understand how stress works on the body and mind and learn strategies to help stay calm and productive at work.

2. The Breath: A Key Tool for Stress Relief

Discover the link between stress and breath and how simple but powerful breathing exercises can help relieve stress.

3. Balancing Work-Life Priorities

Find out key ways to achieve a more satisfying balance between the demands of your work and everyday life.

4. Re-energize with Guided Relaxation

Learn how guided muscle relaxation and visualization techniques fully relax and revitalize your body and mind.

5. Cultivating Mental Resiliency

Practice ways to calm, strengthen, and focus your mind to still the endless chatter of thoughts that can interfere with a mindful approach to living.

6. Journaling for Self Awareness

Explore how journaling can help you develop greater personal insight, worry less, reduce stress, and become your own best advisor.

7. Strategies for a Good Night’s Sleep

Become more aware of the complexity and importance of sleep and get practical, useful tips for a better night’s rest.

8. Boost Your Energy

Do an energy audit and practice easy stretches and correct posture (including desk exercises) to counter a sedentary lifestyle and improve your productivity on the job.

9. Lighten the Load with Laughter

Learn how to release tension and improve creativity and productivity in the workplace with simple ways to introduce more humour and lightheartedness.

10. Finding Your Life Purpose

Turn dreams into reality by looking at your values, attitudes, and goals and create a plan for a more fulfilling personal and work life.

11. Mastering Your Relationship with Money

Identify your attitudes about money and start to develop strategies that release limiting beliefs and other blocks to better financial wellness.

12. Attracting Success

Learn what it takes to boost your personal power and attract what you most desire to be successful in life.

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