Ways to Reduce Stress That Benefit Your Business

Some of the best ways to reduce stress are natural ones in my experience.

That means taking preventative steps to control stress by addressing physical, emotional, mental (attitudes), and even spiritual concerns.

When you hire an independent stress management professional to lead holistic workshops for your employees and managers, it can help:

Increase productivity

Lower absenteeism

Improve employee morale

Retain employees

Lower overall business costs

My Ideal Client

For me, integrity and communication take top billing in any relationship. But more to the point, these values are what I look for in an ideal business client:

Values integrity, initiative, and creativity

Communicates needs in a timely, specific manner

Regards me as a vital member of their team

Works collaboratively

Sees my fees as fair and reasonable

Ultimately wants to foster a long-term business relationship

Stress Management Workshops Praise

Evelyn’s personal style is very soothing and engaging and her presentation techniques are very effective. We really look forward to having her back!

A. diNorcia – Indigo Books

“Evelyn’s presentation was fun, interactive and very professionally done.”

G. Buchanan – CIBC

Start Here

Okay, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of your stress management workshop needs. Start with these questions for new clients. Your answers will help me understand the specifics of your workshop request.

Get Stress Relief

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