7 Really Important Clues to Finding Your Passion in Life

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Celebrate finding your passion like these two people standing in front of words Passion Led Us Here printed on sidewalk
A recipe for finding your life purpose: a portion of life experience mixed with a dose of introspection, a dash of passion and a dollop of dreams. Bon appetit! [photo: Ian Schneider | Unsplash.com]

Complete this sentence: I haven’t found my life purpose yet because _________. Maybe you know exactly why. Or maybe you don’t even know where to start finding your passion. How do you get from where you are now to where you want to be?

We’re not taught how to make our way through this life. A lot of us learn to be intuitive and trust our gut. Sometimes life surprises us with experiences that grab our attention like a neon sign and point us down a different road.

Other times it’s a matter of consciously going beyond the familiar. Consider this quote from French writer and humanist Andre Gidé: “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

Finding Your Passion

Start your adventure by carving out some quiet time so you can clear your thoughts. You might find it useful to first listen to a brief guided meditation or do some deep breathing exercises. They’ll put you in a relaxed and receptive frame of mind.

When you’re ready, ask yourself the following seven questions. Take your time (the more the better) and allow yourself to be open and creative. You can even turn it into a mind mapping exercise to help brainstorm ideas.

1. What do I really love to do?

Identify what activities or interests get you naturally excited and energized. It could be work-related or something you do for leisure.

2. What issues or ideas am I truly passionate about?

Do you get excited about defending human rights? Protecting the environment? Promoting good health?

3. What are my personal strengths and talents?

Take an inventory of those traits and review them carefully. Your ego will also get a big boost when you rediscover all the amazing things you’ve accomplished.



17-minute guided meditation for peace and calm

4. Who are role models in my life?

When you’re done, check out the personal stories from these 57 inspiring individuals. You’ll find more than a few words of encouragement.

5. What are some of the most joyful moments in my life?

Reflect on what you were doing and the people you were with. How did that experience bring a smile to your face or give you a feeling of accomplishment?

6. If I had unlimited resources, what would I do?

What would you do even if you weren’t paid to do it? Let your imagination soar.

7. How would I like to be remembered?

When all is said and done, what will be your epitaph? It’s a sobering thought that really helps put your life into perspective.

Make a Commitment

None of this is easy. But here’s some heartening reinforcement from the American Society of Training and Development:

65% acted when they committed to someone else that they would follow through with an action. An impressive 95% acted when they arranged an accountability meeting with someone.

Now is a great time to make that commitment and begin finding your passion!

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